. 2921.

I ignored the courts summon because I believed that the charges were trumped up and that the officers had abused their power and caused more problems than they resolved.


31 Obstructing official business. 79-1973, passed 12-19-73) Penalty, see § 130. .

Obstructingmeans “getting in the way of,” and in some legal contexts “Obstruction of [something]” is a crime.

C. Obstruction of justice, in United States jurisdictions, is an act that involves unduly influencing, impeding, or otherwise interfering with the justice system, especially the legal. Westfall, 9th Dist.

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Disorderly Conduct, Obstruction of Official Business OH: M4, M2.

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can get into trouble for “obstructing official business. .

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C § 1503, federal law defines “obstruction of justice” as: Any act which, corruptly or by the threat of force / threatening communication, impedes, influences. No. .

. C. Obstructing official business conviction was not supported by the evidence as this was not the sort of affirmative action contemplated by the ordinance. Obstructing official business is typically a 2nd degree misdemeanor under Ohio law. S.

§ 2921.

. 31) Disclaimer: This Code of Ordinances.



Under Title 18 U.