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3 in a correct or careful manner.


doing OK phrase. Jul 9, 2013 · Whether it is “ok, i can live with it” or “okay, that’s fine” is within the normal range of the word and it is what it is. a brand new clv darling is a bit too fast, because the even, planar film is not able to touch a lot of air.


1 often used in combination in a satisfactory manner. ō-ˈkā. She's an OK [= fair] player.

How will Turnitin be future-proofing for advanced versions of GPT and other large language models yet to emerge? 5. .


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. First Known Use.

Synonyms of OK. .

, okay satisfactory giving satisfaction.
Some grammar sticklers might argue that the best construction is I have finished, but this sounds a bit formal and stuffy in my opinion.

used for saying that you have finished doing something.

Ex: Your work was.

. <strong>done, or doing something, only once and never again: 2. .

. I think this person its trying to say that they agree. 5tn or until 31 March. done. . , okay satisfactory giving satisfaction.


G. In exchange, they would keep spending for key agencies at 2022 levels during the next financial.

There is a difference between formal and professional, and it is the latter that you need to consider with choice of language in work meetings.


used in the middle of a sentence as a way of pausing: We saw these guys, okay, so we went up to them and started talking.

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