A group of prisoners broke into the PC unit where they held snitches and rapist/pedos.

Basically with the assumption that if you are a convicted cop or a rapist you will leave prison in a body bag.

Candace Sutton. A lot of people who end up in prison come from violence, abuse and neglect.


If they aren't afraid of killing a cop you can damn well be sure they wont be afraid to kill a C.

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“The prison cannot be changed as long as the old basis of suppression and isolation is maintained.

Riker's Island (jail story) guards bring white inmate into housing unit and let us know that he's charged with molesting a 6 year old black kid. . The woman was wrapped and strangled at a Hawaiian pot roast and repeatedly ravished all night, and how terrifying could it more be! 11.

For such a pressing issue, PREA’s implementation was rather slow: The National Prison Rape Elimination Commission didn’t form until 2009 and Former Attorney General Eric Holder missed the deadline to implement the commission’s standards. Its just what happens when you make victimless crimes illegal.


The Top Ten.

In the social hierarchy of prison inmates, mob kingpins, accomplished bank robbers, and cop killers tend to get the most respect. Inmate Watson, 41, has publicly confessed to beating two convicted child molesters to death at a California prison last month, after one of them allegedly “taunted” him by watching children.

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Aug 19, 2015 · Walker cited "a culture of looking the other way in prison.

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. ” Garland is one of more than 175,000 people sentenced to county jails instead of state prisons in. ”. Black Dolphin Prison (aka penal colony No. "Unfortunately for the prisoners in protective custody, the rioters found blowtorches that. class=" fc-falcon">The worst part is that he only got 4 years.

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Within 30 days I escaped from prison, the fear of being humiliated and treated as a sexual slave was too much and greater than the fear of being shot or prosecuted. 1 Genocide.

Brown and Thompson pleaded guilty to a number of counts and were handed federal prison.

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As such, the best starting point is considering the specific institutional culture.

Some were slashed crossed the face to be marked for life as a "snitch".

Aug 9, 2019 · Look at the figures: according to the UK government’s race disparity audit, relative to whites and Asians, black defendants at crown court were the most likely to be remanded in custody.